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November 15, 2023

Midjourney AI Launched A Refreshed Website

New Midjourney website is faster, simpler, and will soon support image generation.

Jim Clyde Monge
Jim Clyde Monge

The long-awaited Midjourney web app to generate AI images is finally here. Up until now, Midjourney has primarily been accessible through its Discord server. While Discord was great for the early adopter community, it created friction for new users and limited Midjourney’s reach.

No more jumping through hoops or dealing with the confusing world of Discord servers!

New website dashboard

The new beta website can be accessed here:

Midjourney new beta website
Midjourney new beta website

The website interface has a clean, modern look and feel. The prompt box is front and center, making it simple to start generating images.

Midjourney new beta website

I also love that they changed the default theme to light.

Explore page

The thumbnails on the Explore page are now smaller.

Midjourney new beta website
Midjourney new beta website

You can also filter the images by type or upscale.

Midjourney new beta website
Midjourney new beta website

There is also a new image viewer that’s much cleaner and loads faster. This takes the Midjourney experience to the next level — sweet!

Midjourney new beta website
Midjourney new beta website

If you want to copy relevant information like prompts, seeds, etc., you can do so in the new copy menu. There is also a new indicator of whether the image is upscaled or not.

Midjourney new beta website
Midjourney new beta website

Rate images (Earn Fast GPU Hours)

Subscribers can earn fast GPU hours by ranking image pairs. This helps train Midjourney’s algorithms.

Midjourney new beta website

Note: You can earn free fast hours by rating images.

Subscribers can earn a free Fast GPU hour each day by ranking images. A bonus Fast hour awarded to the top 2000 participants each day.

Bonus hours expire 30 days from the date they are awarded.
You must have an active subscription to participate.

You can monitor your remaining “fast hours” under your account page.

Midjourney pricing basic plan
Midjourney basic plan

The top 2000 daily image rankers receive an hour of free, fast GPU time. If you’re among the daily top rankers, you will receive a direct message from the Midjourney Bot.

Please note that these hours remain valid for 30 days and require an active subscription to use.

Why should you care?

If you’re someone who creates AI images a lot, like me, you’ll surely get excited with this update. Here are a few advantages I can think of:

  • You no longer have to switch between two web apps to generate and explore your image library
  • A simpler and more user-friendly interface
  • Better onboarding for new users through the simplified interface

Final Thoughts

Midjourney’s new website couldn’t have come at a more crucial time. The AI art space is heating up fiercely, with big players like Adobe and OpenAI recently unveiling huge upgrades to their own AI models.

Overall, I love how clean and fast the new website is. Plus, it is still in beta and could still improve once officially launched. They could also be adding more features in the future, so there’s a lot to be excited about.

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