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July 5, 2024

Meet Linky :  An Unrestricted Alternative to Character.AI

Chat with an AI companion for free. Linky is an a less restrictive alternative to

Jim Clyde Monge
Jim Clyde Monge

In recent months, rumors have been circulating on various social media platforms like Reddit and X about a potential shutdown crisis facing the popular AI chat platform, This news is undoubtedly concerning for many users who rely on this platform to train and interact with virtual companions.

If shuts down, users will need alternatives. Right now, there are hundreds of apps and tools that pretty much do the same thing — but only a few are actually good.

In this article, I will share one alternative to that I find interesting, and that is Linky.

What is Linky?

Linky is a newly launched AI chat platform from Skywork AI, designed to provide a more intelligent and personalized virtual companion chat and training experience.

Upon visiting the web app, you’ll see a list of characters you can chat with immediately. These characters are filtered based on your preferred kind of experience — romantic, adventure, spicy, and more.

Getting Started with Linky

Head over to the website and create a free account.

Next, select a character you want to chat with. To help you choose the perfect companion, refer to the personality description below their avatar. Additionally, when you hover your cursor over each character, an intro message appears to help you get started with the conversation.

Once you select the companion you want to talk with, you’ll be redirected to a new screen where you can begin your conversation.

Features of Linky

Linky offers various features, including:

  • Chat with Various AI Characters: Linky offers a diverse range of AI characters with unique personalities. You can find someone to connect with and chat with at any time, day or night. Conversations are free and unlimited, allowing you to discuss anything with the virtual companion.
  • Immersive AI Chat Roleplay: All characters on Linky can engage in roleplay. You can request characters to become anyone you want. Roleplaying adds fun and lets you explore different characters and scenarios.
  • Draw and Collect Unique Cards: Linky features three types of magic cards. Each card includes a unique selfie of the characters you chat with. Cards also contain a secret plot based on your conversations, adding excitement and unpredictability.
  • Generate New Characters with One Click: Linky has advanced AI character generation technology. You can create a new character with a complete personality and avatar in one click. This feature saves time and effort while providing a personalized experience.

Mobile App Version

Linky is also available as a mobile app you can download from the App Store.

Here’s how to get started with the mobile app: upon initial installation, you’ll be asked several questions to personalize your list of avatars and create a custom chat experience.

Once you’re in, you’ll see a list of characters to choose from. Select the one you want and start talking. Here are some examples:

Note that the messages you’ll receive from these chatbots vary depending on the type of experience you choose. If you select a “spicy” experience, expect the AI companion to respond in a more provocative manner. For a wholesome conversation, select a romantic option.

One advantage of having Linky on your phone is that you can continue your conversation with your AI companion even when you’re not on your PC.

Linky VS Character.AI

Compared to, Linky offers several advantages:

  • Advanced AI Technology: Linky uses the latest natural language processing technology, enabling virtual friends to understand and respond to complex requests and emotional expressions from users.
  • More straightforward user interface: Linky features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to effortlessly create and manage their virtual friends.
  • Robust Customization Features: Linky allows users to highly customize their virtual friends according to their needs, including personality, backstory, and interests.

Although Character AI offers somewhat similar experiences to the list above, some users were disappointed to see one significant change to the app — that’s NSFW.

In a shift from its previous approach, has decided to exclude NSFW content to emphasize the emotional connection and companionship aspects of the platform.

This change has forced some users to switch to alternatives.

More than Just Chat — It’s Connection

In our increasingly disconnected world, many are struggling with mental health issues stemming from a lack of meaningful connections. Linky’s AI language models are fine-tuned to help fill this void by simulating human-like conversations that boost mood and reduce anxiety.

The non-judgmental space they create allows you to open up without fear, developing communication skills and confidence.

Check out some of the user feedback on their app.

Final Thoughts

Linky is a new app that is quickly improving and attracting new users. Since it’s new, you can expect some hiccups on the user experience but as I talked to the developers, they are working to fix the bugs as quickly as they can.

Perhaps the best thing about Linky is that it’s free to use. Unlike other similar applications, you can immediately start talking to hundreds of pre-built AI avatars without having to pay anything or link your credit card.

The Potential for Improved Mental Well-being

We are entering an era where digital companionship will become integrated into our daily mental health habits. Just as we turn to medication, meditation, or journaling, we may one day think of chatting with our personalized AI assistant as part of maintaining good mental hygiene.

If you’re a fan of and are looking for a more permissive and free alternative, I highly recommend giving this new app a try.

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