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June 19, 2024

Creative Fabrica "Flow" Lets You Generate Image Assets Using AI For FREE

Creative Fabrica released a new feature that lets you create images for FREE on Studio web design app.

Jim Clyde Monge
Jim Clyde Monge

It’s been three months since Creative Fabrica launched its web-based graphic design tool called “Studio,” aimed at streamlining the creative process for making designs for social media, invitations, print-on-demand, and much more.

As part of the iterative improvements to Studio, Creative Fabrica introduced a new feature called Flow, which helps users generate unique and high-quality image assets using artificial intelligence.

What is CF Flow?

Flow allows users to generate custom graphics, transparent PNGs, and patterns and explore unique styles and effects.

The standout feature of Flow is its ability to let you refine your creations continuously until you achieve the desired result. You can build on your previous outputs by selecting them to add to your prompt, generating new and exciting images based on your original image.

How it works

Head over to Creative Fabrica’s Flow dashboard.

The user interface is quite intuitive. On the left side, you’ll see a history of your AI-generated images. On the right side are examples of images generated by others. Front and center is the panel for your new generations.

Simply type in the description of the image you want to create in the prompt field. You can also adjust the image type among the following:

  • Full Render: the result will take up all the area of the canvas.
  • Transparent: this is perfect for stickers or logos that need transparent backgrounds.
  • Patterns: for images such as backgrounds or wallpapers, you can set to this setting.

You can also adjust the aesthetics of the final result. Choose from various styles such as Lifelike, Clipart, Neonscape, Softcast, and more.

Here’s an example:

Prompt: cute happy pale golden retriever standing in the flower field, abstract painting in the style of Eric Carle, vibrant colors, simple lines and shapes for kids, large brush strokes, bright colorful background with tulips.

Here are the full renders of the images.

The generated images are nothing short of adorable!

Here’s a fun feature: click on one of the generated images, and it will move to the prompt field.

From there, you can adjust the prompt and the style of the output. For instance, if you want to replace the golden retriever with a British Shorthair cat:

Prompt: cute happy British shorthair cat standing in the flower field, abstract painting in the style of Eric Carle, vibrant colors, simple lines and shapes for kids, large brush strokes, bright colorful background with tulips.

The results are perfect! You can keep tweaking the prompt and image styles to achieve the ideal results.

Here’s another example:

Prompt: a realistic half-body photo of a pretty woman listening to music

Patterns and Logos

To showcase the capability of Flow to generate patterns and logos with transparent backgrounds, here’s an example:

Prompt: A seamless pattern design featuring a blend of geometric shapes and organic elements. The pattern should include various sizes of circles, triangles, and squares interspersed with stylized leaves, flowers, and vines. Use a color palette that includes shades of blue, green, and gold, with accents of white.

The resulting pattern looks fantastic, though I wish there was a way to change the aspect ratio of the results. Currently, it can only create square images.

Let’s try to create a logo.

Prompt: Create a sleek and modern logo, incorporating elements that suggest innovation and technology. Ensure the logo has a transparent background, making it versatile for use on various media and backgrounds.

The logos generated are quite decent, but it’s worth noting that the AI currently struggles to render text legibly. Perhaps future versions will address this limitation.

There are a few things you can do with the generated images.

  • Select an image: use it as a base image to generate variations from.
  • Add to Design: upload the results to Studio and add them to your future illustrations.
  • Download: download the image.

When you select “Add to Design,” a model prompt informs you that the image was uploaded to Studio and will be accessible in the “Flow” folder.

We have placed the Flow image in your upload folder inside Studio. This means that for each design you have access to your flow images.
To access the images, click the “Go to Studio” button, or whenever you are in Studio, click “Uploads” and select the “Flow” folder.

Note that the downloaded image is a 512x512 PNG. This might be a lower resolution compared to other image generators, but Creative Fabrica is already working on an update to expand the output format and resolution options, giving you even more control over your image’s final look.

we are working on expanding the options for output format and resolution in future updates, giving you even more control over the final look of your images.

Share your images with the community

If you want to share your results with other users, you can toggle the Private mode button.

This allows your newly generated images to be publicly viewable, enabling other users to remix them as they wish.

Why Should You Care?

Creative Fabrica has been around for a while now, and it’s packed with millions of design assets that you can utilize for your creative projects.

Having the Flow feature directly integrated into the Studio web design tool is a major step forward for Creative Fabrica. It provides an easier and more streamlined process of creating and using unique images for graphic designs and illustrations.

Commercial use

One great thing about using this tool is that you have the freedom to use the images you create with CF Spark Flow in any way you like, including for commercial purposes.

However, to make sure you are aware of all the guidelines, check out the Terms and Conditions before using the AI-generated images.

Final Thoughts

Having reviewed and used Studio extensively, I can confidently say that incorporating an AI image generator into the design tool is a major leap forward for Creative Fabrica.

There are a few areas for improvement, though. The ability to change resolution and aspect ratio should be a top priority. Features like upscaling and inpainting/outpainting would also be fantastic additions if Creative Fabrica considers them.

Nevertheless, the fact that Flow is free to use makes it an incredibly enticing tool. If you’re someone who constantly creates graphic designs or illustrations, I highly recommend checking out Flow.

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