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July 8, 2024

Aiarty Is A Next-Level Image Enhancer And Upscaler

Get Aiarty image upscaler and enhancer now with 1-year free license.

Jim Clyde Monge
Jim Clyde Monge

Image upscaling and enhancement have long been challenging tasks, typically requiring advanced technical skills and traditional tools like Photoshop. Back in high school, I would spend hours manually adding skin texture, and hair details, and painstakingly increasing resolution just to make an image look better when printed on a larger scale.

However, thanks to recent advancements in AI technology, image upscaling and enhancement have become more accessible than ever before.

In this article, I will introduce Aiarty, a powerful tool that transforms low-resolution images into high-resolution, detailed, and denoised output images with just a few clicks. What’s truly exciting is that Aiarty is currently offering a limited 1-year full license for free!

What is Aiarty?

Aiarty is a new specialized AI Image Enhancer from Digiarty. It is optimized for AI-generated images with Midjourney and Stable Diffussion.

Aiarty’s AI has been trained on a dataset of 6.7 million images, giving it a broad understanding of various image types and styles. It’s capable of efficiently batch processing up to 1,000 images, making it suitable for dealing with large volumes of images.

The upscaler is also optimized to work efficiently with a variety of hardware setups, including NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel GPUs and CPUs. It’s worth emphasizing that Aiarty works with CPUs, meaning you don’t necessarily need high-end, expensive GPUs to use the tool locally.

Key Features of Aiarty

Aiarty offers three main features:

  1. Denoiser
  2. Deblur images
  3. Add more details

Let’s explore each of these features in more depth.

Image Denoise

Aiarty’s denoising capability is impressive. It removes image noise and delivers improved quality, effectively handling low-light or high-ISO noise while preserving intricate image details.

Check out these examples:

Aren’t they cool? The AI has been trained to distinguish between noise and important image details, ensuring that it doesn’t over-smooth the image and lose critical information. This balanced approach results in cleaner images that retain their original character and detail.

Image Deblurring

You can turn blurry input images into high-fidelity without artifacts. Fix motion blurs, lens blurs, and out-of-focus issues. It is good for sharpening compressed and hazy web and AI-generated images.

There’s a dedicated AI model that specializes in fixing blurry images. It’s called “Smooth Diff V2”.

This focused approach allows for more precise and effective deblurring compared to general-purpose image enhancement tools.

Adding Details

The AI has been trained to pay special attention to elements like skin, hair, and various textures. This focused approach ensures that these often challenging aspects of an image are enhanced naturally and realistically.

As you can see in the image above, Digiarty developed an AI model “More-detail GAN V2” to handle the job of adding accurate details to the input image.

Aiarty AI models

I have already mentioned them above, but here’s a summary of the AI models that Aiarty is using to recognize, enhance, and upscale the images:

  1. More detail GAN V2: This model generates more details, clarity, and sharpness. It combines deblurring and denoising capabilities and is particularly good at enhancing skin and hair textures. It aims to improve overall perceptual quality.
  2. Smooth Diff V2: his model focuses on restoring the original image quality with better fidelity and clarity. It combines deblurring and denoising capabilities and is particularly effective at eliminating flaws while maintaining a smooth appearance.
  3. Real Photo V3: Designed specifically for photographs, this model aims to restore original image quality with improved fidelity and clarity. It combines deblurring and denoising and is optimized for high-quality images.

These models represent an upgrade from previous versions, and Digiarty is continuously training new and existing models to improve image results.

Aiarty has a built-in in-app notification that will inform you once a new model is released. You can simply upgrade your saved models and use them right away.

How to Install Aiarty?

Head over to the Aiarty website and download the installer for free.

Okay, hold up… Digiarty is giving away a 1-year licensed copy giveaway!

Just go to the giveaway page and download the installer from there.

After installation, enter the license key to unlock the full version of the software for FREE. That’s a really good deal!

Okay, now close the modal window and open the application. The dashboard is pretty simple. The main window displays a preview of the original image alongside the upscaled version. Settings are conveniently located in the right panel, while a list of images appears in the bottom section for easy navigation.

Aiarty Upscale Controls

Aiarty offers several controls to fine-tune your image enhancement. Switch between the three AI models using the “AI Model” dropdown list.

Adjust the upscale factor between x2 and x8, allowing your images to reach up to 8K resolution.

Add text to the image result if desired, useful for watermarking or labeling.


Click on the little “+” button on the bottom left corner of the interface and select the images you want to upscale. In the example below, the selected model is “Real-Photo V3” so the tool should improve the realism by adding skin texture and increasing the resolution to 2X.

Awesome. There’s an obvious improvement in there, look at how the denoiser decreased the noise on the right image.

Here’s another example where the “More-Detail GAN V2” model is used.

If you look closely, you’ll notice how much more detail the final result has. The size has also been doubled so you can make it a wallpaper or print it in a large format.

What Aiarty is best for?

To help users choose the most appropriate AI model for their needs, here’s a quick reference guide:

  1. More detail GAN: Best for images with detailed features such as skin, hair, pores, textures, and 3D elements.
  2. Smooth Diff: Ideal for images that don’t require additional details, such as faces, smooth surfaces, animations, or line drawings.
  3. Real-Photo: Perfect for photos of landscapes, portraits (both close-up and distant), architecture, and natural scenes.

The advantages of using Aiarty

Aiarty offers several key advantages:

  1. 4-in-1 easy AI solution to deblur, denoise, deJPEG, and upscale/restore images with one click
  2. Beyond enhancement: it intelligently generates lifelike details down to the finest hair, fur, and skin textures to meet your needs. Add realistic & natural details.
  3. With three custom-trained AI models: Aiarty lets you choose the ideal model for restoring flawed photographs, enhancing low-quality JPEGs, and enlarging AI-generated images while ensuring unparalleled clarity and detail.
  4. Fast speed and batch upscaling: Upscale 100 images from 1024p to 2048p in 12 mins; batch processing 1000 images max at a time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was very impressed with Aiarty. It works smoothly, and the results are fantastic. The fact that it is free to use for a whole year represents excellent value. You can process unlimited images, and since it works offline, you don’t even need an internet connection. It uses your PC’s hardware, making it fast and more secure.

The tool is user-friendly, so you don’t need to be a tech expert to get excellent results. This is perfect for photographers, designers, or just someone who likes working with photos. The convenience of being able to use it anywhere, anytime, without worrying about internet issues, is a big plus.

If you are looking for an image upscaler and enhancer, I highly recommend trying Aiarty. Don’t miss out on this fantastic tool!

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