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May 18, 2024

AI Forced Me To Switch Jobs

You will be replaced by AI.

Jeffrey Boopathy
Jeffrey Boopathy

If you are someone like me — a product marketer waking up every day hearing or seeing the news on Google, blogs, and YouTube talking about “You will be replaced by AI” then this blog is for you.

Yeah well, that’s it. It’s either my overthinking or am doomed. It’s been just 4 months since I joined my new job as an assistant manager — product marketing.

Within this time all I have seen is how AI is going to take over most of the creative jobs including marketing roles and how the recent layoffs also act as a justification for it.

I’m not a big believer in the news but when an organization lays off 3500 people in a 7-minute call in the name of AI it does frighten a bit.

Though they have opened new strategic roles that provide many opportunities for my role, whether would I be even having that for a long time again is a question.

In this blog, I just want to share a few things that I have been going through with the result of people writing online about “AI taking over jobs (marketing)”.

What other options do I have?

Well, initially when I started the search on what are the areas that AI won’t affect Google was not helpful in providing this information.

I mean this list is ridiculous. Industries like education, music, and customer services are the top places where AI is playing a disruptive role.

Then I figured “Okay, maybe the question I asked was too broad. Let’s narrow it down a little bit.” So I searched

Which marketing jobs that AI won’t affect

Since I am a product marketer this would be more relevant to me. And I got a Hubspot blog that talks about this.

Now even this is also something I can’t agree much on. Because every role mentioned here has been disrupted by AI. For example, in the case of editors and graphic designers, we know how much Adobe is playing a huge role with Adobe Firefly Generative AI features.

But here’s what I chose:

As a product marketer, I figured if AI is going to replace my job or if my organization or any organization that I join is going to fire me saying we can replace you with AI then the primary reason would be my role in content creation.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, one of the main roles of a product marketer is “Positioning and messaging” which is writing content for various aspects like landing pages, website, email, E-books and so much more.

So I want to switch to a job where there’s much more research and analysis is required rather than spitting out content.

Right now I have two options in mind and one of them is in-progress meaning I started my studies on that.

Those two options are — Product management and Revenue Operations

Product management:

I’m not saying there isn’t much scope for AI in product management. There actually is. For example, if you take collaboration tools like Miro — they also have an AI power that helps in mind-mapping and creating other diagrams.

The interesting part here is you can see AI features are primarily used for content-based things like idea generation, note-taking, etc.

But what prevails is in the concept of building a product or understanding the market AI hasn’t taken much in the real world.

There are obviously blogs and other future-related aspects but in a lot of organizations that I can see the adoption is still limited to the content part.

So I have started with a few courses on Coursera and LinkedIn in order to start this journey.

One of the courses I started is IBM Product Management Certification:

I finished a couple of modules in the introduction section and I feel the course is alright so far. Maybe once I do some deep-dives I’ll be able to give you more insights.

This course will give you some high-level ideas and some in-depth frameworks. There are other courses offered by Product School, Pendo, and more about AI in product management.

So currently my skill set is on Marketing and strategic planning. With this course, I hope to improve my tech side as well.

Because I can see a pattern that either people who only know tech or people who only know marketing are getting laid off. (Some evidence being collected from news channels)

Maybe a well-rounded person won’t have to face this.

What are your thoughts?

Revenue Operations:

This is my second option (currently) because when it comes to RevOps the important skill you need is data analysis and interpretation skills.

As you know AI has the capability to process all the data but it’s the responsibility of a revops person to interpret and make decisions.

One of the top platforms for this is Gong. The CEO recently talked about how their new feature will help in increasing the accuracy of predictive analysis.

RevOps is kind of a modern terminology; it’s basically a newer version of Sales Operations. So as a product marketer, I already have experience in sales enablement which would give me a better edge to jump in this career.

Why am I saying all this?

I know there are other people in marketing who didn’t get into a great college and landed a job that gave them complete financial freedom in the first shot.

We have to work our butt off to get to the place where we are. One of the main ways that organizations would promote us is more years of experience rather than results.

So if you are someone like me — a product marketer waking up every day hearing or seeing the news on Google, blogs, and YouTube talking about “You will be replaced by AI” then this blog is for you.

I would have mentioned this in my first sentence as well. So don’t worry it ain’t no mistake.

There are always multiple career options to jump to. Just make sure that you are keeping yourself coachable and network with a lot of people.

If you got yourself in a dilemma of career switch coz of AI. Please feel free to comment. Am sure it will be helpful for a lot more people than you think.